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Labels and Other Lore

Tired of trying to live up to the labels others and our own inner critic place on us?  Where do those sticky, heavy labels show up in our lives and how do we get rid of their control? Let’s step away from what was never meant to define us and find the labels that uplift, motivate, and offer truth.

Kindness vs Contempt: Choose Daily

Over the years, our brain gets wired to operate in ways that are often not very helpful. We can move from a feeling, like rejection or loneliness, to self-harm with lightning speed. And self-harm is not only about cutting or burning. It can be eating, drinking, not eating, not drinking, negative self talk, over scheduling, etc. The good news is that we can rewire our responses to include kindness. Let’s talk about how.

There’s Still Time: Ladies and Legacies

You know you want to make a difference. You know it so deep in your heart. You were created to offer your unique gifting, your unique self. Find out who that is, what labels keep you from leaning into the beauty of you, and how to get started.

ADHD: Middle Aged. Female. And Ah-Ha!

A majority of those diagnosed with ADHD as adults are women in the prime of their lives. By the time a diagnosis comes, if ever, we are so defined by symptoms that we see no hope for meaningful life of purpose. Let’s find the Ah-Ha moment, and get some new labels–those that offer hope!

Spirituality and Mental Health: Connect with the True Hero

Ever wonder about those biblical characters that have always been portrayed as giants of the faith? A close look at their timelines and mood swings suggest they were just like us. Let’s dethrone the heroes, find out how real they were, and join them in connecting with the true Hero. Suddenly our depression and anxiety don’t seem so isolating.