A Grown Up Tale

There was a burly brown bear in the forest. Slobber dribbled from his chin when he growled, and he limped because his right foot had been missing since he was a tiny cub. For many years he ducked behind trees and hid in the bush. He was an evil bear. A few times every year, an unsuspecting child would wander away from their homes into the forest and were surprised by the hungry mean bear. He would wait until they toddled or walked close to his tree and then he grabbed them from behind. Next, he bit off their right foot. Chomp! The brown bear never killed a child, he just liked their right foot. 

Year after year other burly brown bears grew up and decided there weren’t enough little right feet for them to eat so they devised a plan. “We’ll sneak into town every night and tiptoe into houses. Without anyone knowing we’ll go house to house and chomp off all the little children’s right feet.” And so they did. 

Parent’s would cry at first but told their kids, “It’s ok, nothing bad will ever happen to you again.” And the parents really believed everything was okay. Eventually, not one child in the entire world had a right foot and it became so normal that burly brown bears were allowed to roam freely through the streets.

Exposure to pornography used to be like the burly brown bear in the forest. It was hidden. We used to say, “if by some chance your child is exposed to porn” you should do this or that. Now, we say “when your child is exposed to porn” you should do this or that. 

I am so tired of burly brown bears that wander the “streets” grabbing our children. They are experts who lure by social media, text messages, web sites, and advertisements. No place is safe and I am tired. I am a Mama of all children today wondering why the enemy, the pedophile, the evil one gets to have our children. Burly brown bears are allowed to roam the world: pornography, sexual abuse, inappropriate comments, gender harm, grooming, and I would scream if I go on.

So where are the people who say, “Enough!”? Today, it is me. “You can’t have even one more child.” I’m not sure how, but I will not sit and pretend burly brown bears don’t exist. Let’s take back our children. 

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1 Response to A Grown Up Tale

  1. Jean says:

    So true Wendy. Thank you for your writing.

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