Joy Changes Chaos

The call was incomplete. The perfectly executed pass spiraled into the hands of the receiver and then tumbled to the ground. It was a beautiful play, but the receiver couldn’t manage to pull the ball in tight enough before being pummeled by the defense. That’s how I feel about last weekGood News of Great Joy to ALL People’s post, Scary Angels and Un-Stable Christmas Cheer.

The emotional roller coaster happening in the lives of everyone involved in the Christmas story did occur. I have no doubt. One small element needs to be developed  however, for it to be the play of a lifetime. We must understand that joy changes chaos.

The fear, anxiety, worry, depression, and grief that waxed and waned throughout the nativity narrative was regularly interrupted by good news of great joy. Not once did the pronouncement of joy alter the reality of chaos, but it did change the experience of every troublesome emotion.

Bored shepherds suddenly terrified by angelic greetings were offered good news of great joy and their chaos became worship. Joseph, confused and broken by what seemed like marital infidelity, experienced life change when offered good news of great joy. Mary’s questions weren’t answered, but each day, affected by joy, her chaos included more bouts with wonder and delight than fear and confusion.

Anyone in the midst of chaos right now? All of us can affirm this is true as we live in the aftermath of Eden. How can we find support in the noise our minds create? It begins in the greatest news of extravagant joy that came with the birth of Christ. 

God came as a human not to hate us, label us, or even judge us. He came to save us; to reestablish the possibility of relationship with God. That’s good news of great joy that was announced for all people. 

So now, let’s surrender to that joy. Let’s see anxiety lessen knowing Christ is in control, and His desire is for our good. Let’s feel depression lift a little because Someone does know the depth of our heartache and loves us without question. And our grief, it can heal a bit more as the One Who bore our Sorrows takes on the load of our loss.

The roller coaster of chaos that we ride is one supported and guided by good news of great joy. And He is Christ the Lord. Yes, the pass is complete now. Good game!

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