Love Letter

My Dearest Autumn,

How long since I’ve looked out and spotted your face so warm and golden. I’ve missed your ability to stop me and overwhelm me with your presence. Just now, this simple, short glimpse of all that is you calls me to once again breathe in your peace.

These last weeks spent with Summer have left me dry and burned. Her scorching nature this year has been paralyzing. She has taken much and left little. How glad I am that she can never take you–my beauty–my love.

As we sit together now by the water, Summer creeps forward, but the strength I gain just from the whisper of your coming visit is all I need, to know that though I walk through the fire I will not be burned to ash.

Every hint of ash engulfed into the breeze encases a violent seed, haughty with ferocious intent. And there you have your way with the fire as you airbrush each flame into fiery red leaves of beauty; a trade I will not take lightly.

Thank you for coming to see me this morning. I long for the weeks ahead when we sit, and create, and know–really know–still more beauty. Together.

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