A Bride Restored

The family used to own an old bedroom suit made of Maple wood. Somewhere in history the head and foot boards were painted a ghastly gray. The chest of drawers were also painted gray. Brush marks etched into the finish and after 40 or 50 years someone pitched the pieces on the side of the road. Delivery to the landfill was next in line with a 10:30 am pickup.

I salvaged the old pieces of maple wood and smeared a toxic stripping chemical on the outer gray story that kidnapped and suppressed what was. Hours later. Scraping. Wiping. Reapplying. I added a final layer of oil and swirls appeared, almost moving. The grain of maple rose to the surface as if to say “I’m not done yet.” Darkened. Deep. Once again its truest self. The glory of 50 years restored.

I saw her waiting on the side of the road. She was painted many colors. Passion flame on her lips. Intimate rose on her cheek bones. Sexy nude covered bruises on her face. The colors etched into her and after 28 years the pieces of her life were pitched out on the side of the road for delivery to the landfill. They called her rubbish.

In some moment of infinite mystery a different plan unfolded for that which had been deemed of no value. Somewhere underneath and hidden inside the etch marks was the image of the One Who had created her and called her very good. But no one could see the true source, the beauty of captivating creativity.

He called her name while on the roadside and reached toward her face. Shame covered the lines of years gone mad with stains of desire lost and crevices of love forgotten. He touched her eyes and she remembered the warmth of virgin tears. Passion flames extinguished when He touched them with a coal from the altar of sacrifice. Cleansing. Renewing. Intimate rose faded into newborn skin, breathless in its beauty. Sexy nude and all its humiliating incisions He wiped and filled until all the empty places of disgrace were no more. What was before what was became again the bride…pure and holy, set apart, untouched and waiting.

The bridegroom melted when she walked the aisle, finally free for the dance that awaited.

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