One Question

One hundred people were asked what question they would most like to ask God. Can you guess what question 90% of responders would ask? Wait. What question would you ask? I felt as giddy as Solomon when God said he could ask for anything and get it. What would I ask? 

This has been another tough week. I’m not alone in that. Are you tempted to ask God, why? Maybe the question is even deeper, how can I go on like this? Or maybe, when will I get ahead? Where do I go to find help? Is this well too deep to ever get out of? This struggle, will it follow me all my life? 

Life’s not all dark though. Sometimes I’d like to ask if He lets deceased artists help Him paint the sunrise. Was the last thunder storm composed by musicians long gone? Will I get to write a book in heaven? Could I have an office on Jupiter? 

The question 90% of all people would ask turned out to be, “What’s my purpose?” That’s part of the reason my week has been so strained. Still, my first thought was, I would ask God if He really loved me. I think if all doubt were erased about His love I would know my purpose.

I know He loves you. And I know He loves me. But does He really, passionately love me? That question involves a myriad of others. Does He think of me in the night while He watches me sleep? Does He smile when I laugh? Does He cry when I can’t lift my face to Him? Does He read everything I write, even the stuff I don’t post? Will He be there to greet me when I die? Am I really His beloved?

I trust He loves me. But I also long to know without the veil between. What would you ask Him? I’d love to know!

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