Psalm 23

Oh no, a cliché, the one that they say is mild and melodious the way that life should be when Jesus transforms us from dirt to eternity from desert and rocks to a pasture of green.

 So cliché’s aside for a moment or two and look at the words not what they say but what do they do when it’s out of control and on a downhill roll then splash in you go to the waters of still and silent and hush this is good.

 But does He know of the valley of death where the spirit lives in a cave in the ground where no nourishment gives a spit in the space and no word of grace but it crawls inside an oil so crude and an attitude but He’s there. . .

and He walks beside and He knows when to speak and for days He’ll just listen till the space and the cave empty to sand and the salt of the earth rises up to touch my lips and it is well and the fortress is mighty like a shield and the space is the house of the Lord not the damned.



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