Of Mice and Irons

My boat sank today. In the children’s book, Who Sank the Boat, author Pamela Allen, portrays a comical, and absurd picture of a common problem. A group of animal friends decided to go for a ride on a small fishing boat. The cow climbed aboard followed by a donkey, a sheep, and a pig.

Finally, just as they were about to cast off from the shore, a tiny gray field mouse asked to join the fun. The boat, already trembling under the weight of so many animals, groaned, but everyone knew the mouse weighed only ounces. So everyone agreed to let him come along. When the mouse stepped aboard, you guessed it, the boat sank hard and fast.

I imagine shouts of blame rang out as the wet, dirty animals made their way to dry land. Cow would certainly be at fault because of her enormous weight. The pig squirmed around too much squealing with excitement, so maybe it was his disruption that caused the shipwreck. Alas, everyone turned to the field mouse and castigated the little fellow for sinking their boat and ruining the day. The balance of blame had shifted and the mouse left dejected and alone.

Sometimes that is how we feel when life gets out of whack. One last little splinter in our already chaotic day sinks the boat and we tip over, sink to the bottom of the lake, and feel like fish food in the circle of life. That is what happened when I placed the iron on my son’s new Boy Scout shirt and the fabric melted. My boat sank.

Iron in hand, the world shifted into slow motion. Pictures of the year’s events splashed around me as I froze, my life boat on a journey to the leagues below. I stepped out of the kitchen, quiet in my sock feet, and went to the porch swing. Hallelujah, Thine the glory. Hallelujah, amen. Hallelujah, Thine the glory. Revive us again. As I whispered the song, tears seeped out of my closed eyes, and I knew the Creator of all things, the One Who allowed the mouse to climb aboard my boat, now inhabited my Praise. HE inhabited my praise!

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