Run. Deep.

I asked God to speak to me yesterday, and without pause I heard two words. Run. Deep. The word run came with my blood type and red hair when I was born. The need to disappear with speed when things get deep is in my soul. I believe we all know it to some degree. When the going gets tough what do the tough do? Right, they get going. We all run.

The Samaritan woman at the well in John chapter 4 was no different. She and Jesus were talking about water, life as a woman, and a scandalous Samaritan woman at that. Jesus knew that in her heart the 5K race was about to begin. She would ask questions to complete the first kilometer, seek clarification for the second kilometer, debate theology for the third, and so on. She knew well how to run. But before all that, she made a comment that I had never considered before. Jesus spoke of the actual well where they were talking and the Living Water He offered her. The woman’s response was to ask Him, “Do you know how deep this well is?”

Run deep. Jesus knew how deep the well of her heart ran. He knows the depth of ours too. Instead of running with a doughnut or a corporate ladder, I believe we instead can choose to run deep, to the places of our heart created to be quenched by the Living Water and fed with the Bread of Life. These places are sometimes raw and most often vulnerable. Their actual depth seems unknowable. They can also be places where we long to dance with freedom, places where dreams wait ready to burst, and love is growing.

Run. Deep. I know why God spoke those strange words to me. When He followed up by showing me the Samaritan woman’s question, I ran to that deep place, that well in my own heart that longs to spring up pure and uncontained. I spread my arms wide in the warm Tennessee wind, welcomed Spring, and laughed with childish innocence. My heart filled with Living Water, Jesus, and I knew I was made to run there.

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