Five teenagers. One mom. One prayer.

“Lord, grant us safety today, but also show each of us a glimpse of Your presence. May each glimpse be unique to each person.” Over the next three hours driving I heard one voice above the other five.

“What kind of prayer was that? Two thirteen year olds and three fifteen year olds probably think you’re crazy.”

No probably about it! They voiced it clearly, but I held my ground.

“Just wait. When God shows up you won’t be so smug!”

He did…

The youngest sidled up beside me on the way back to our car. We had hiked a beautiful trail in the Smokies and she said, “No one saw it but me! The hugest spider web in the world stretched out with dew all in it, and the sun was shining through right to my eyes. That was God’s gift for me.”

Along the way, the only boy in the group said, “Have you ever seen mushrooms like these?” They were pale colored and round with a perfect orange star in the center of each. “That’s my God thing,” he said.

One of the older ones saw a small blue woodpecker flying toward her. It stopped several times along the way and then flew down and landed by her foot. God showed up.

Another of the older ones snapped photo after photo of the brilliant sky as evening approached. She knew it was God painting for her.

The last of the older girls got a close up view of two bucks. Both were close enough to see their flank muscles like the mountain range, rolling and defined. Both still had a full set of antlers. She knew it was for her.

On the way out of the park a stranger walked up to me and asked, “Did you see the mother bear and it’s cub?” I missed them by 1 minute. They entered the trail as I was exiting. My first thought was, “Well God, at least You showed up for my kids. I do thank You for that.” The woman continued, When I got to this park I prayed for God to show me a bear. My husband thought I was crazy, but God showed me two. He does show up for us.

That woman and her confirmation was God’s presence to me then. She knew nothing of our prayer and day of expecting. If we ask and seek, He hears and answers!

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