attitude OR gratitude?

The morning started with attitude. I removed my Panera card
from its slot in my wallet and then handed my wallet to the cashier. She gave
me that look people give when they think you may have wandered in off the
street and are probably in some sort of mental state. Then she scowled, “And
what am I supposed to do with this?” Life just defined embarrassment for me,

A nice, clean table waited for me, and I couldn’t wait to
sit and write for a while. The electrical outlet didn’t work and my laptop
battery died. No problem, I thought. I have paper and a pen that remains tucked
behind my ear at all times.
With the notebook and calendar spread out
before me on the table, I reached for the pen. It had quietly exploded and
black ink smeared the area behind my ear. I left Panera with an attitude.

Upon arriving home, my laptop and desktop froze. I made a
phone call and the phone jumped off the edge of fiber optics into no-man’s land,
where shrill white noise caused the ink behind my ear to solidify. Some days I
think it would have been best to stay in bed, but not today. The morning
continues with gratitude.

Today I praise my Creator for being my first thought when I
woke up safe and sound from a decent night’s sleep. The sound of three kids
fighting over whose clothes are whose is priceless. I am grateful for peanut
butter and honey sandwiches with orange juice, water to wash bedhead out of the
picture, and a selection of clothes to fight over in the first place.

For a car that started and had a full tank of gas, I am
grateful. For youthful prayers, “thank you God for our family, friends, and
food, and bless Mom whatever she decides to do today.” I am grateful that Jesus
sent His Spirit to live within me so I can better choose against the attitude
that so wanted to express itself to everyone around me this morning. I am thankful
that Jesus is my Wonderful Counselor. When I feel embarrassed, I am comforted
that He knows far more than I do what embarrassment and even humiliation feels
like. He removes shame, and how grateful I am for that.

This morning I can’t say enough about the food He provides,
the love, the peace, the healing, the coffee, the cool air, and multi-colored
leaves. His presence is enough, but He exceeds all I can ask or imagine by
pouring out good gifts to His children. And for the gift of being His child…there
are no words.

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