Mountains of the Heart

If ever I wanted to say unto the mountain, “Be cast into the sea,” it was when a smoldering panic crept into my heart on a mountain in Colorado. I wanted to throw myself on the rocky hill on my left and cling to its strength. The open drop just three feet away to my right though made my legs too weak to move.

Two days before at 13,000 feet, I also wanted to own the promise of Jesus. “Mountain be cast into the sea.” Mountain ranges of our life are vast peaks and valleys of financial strain, abuse, death, career change, parenting, divorce, and other issues involving marriage and family.

Our mountain ranges seem to never end, and not once have I  witnessed one sliding away in an instant with miraculous promise as I stood there demanding its demise. God is faithful to walk us through the rough terrain and rocky trails that lead through treacherous forests and dizzy heights. But what about the promise?

Sunday we sang the popular Christian lines, “Savior, He can move the mountains, My God is mighty to save.” I thought of the mountains I have attempted to cast into the sea and then noticed that although it requires a tiny amount of faith to cast, it was never my place to attempt to do the moving. Our Savior does the moving. And the mountains He moves are more likely to be mountains that involve our heart.

Maybe instead of wanting so much to be off the high trail, I should have considered the overwhelming shame I experienced when a friend reached out to take my hand. The mountains of shame and pride were ones I now imagine God wanted me to cast away so He could begin the great work of moving them. Instead of wanting to cast away our circumstances, we could offer for God to move the real mountains—the barriers and walls; the cold and dark spots that we cling to for safety; the closed and empty places of our heart.

Today, our Savior is moving mountains in my life. He told me yesterday (several times) that He loves me, and He offered to move the mountain of disbelief that loomed so ominous before me. My faith was so tiny I couldn’t answer. But the desire deep in my heart to know He really loves me heard His words, and He took that as my mustard seed. An ancient mountain slid into the sea and now I feel the sun, warm and tingling, on my face.

“A tiny seed of faith in Me is all that is needed for this mountain, to be cast far away and slid into the sea.”

I glance away and say to Thee, “My hands are bound, My heart is worn. The desire is there but I live so torn.”

“A tiny seed of faith I see, twisted and scorned but from desire born.”

“Free my heart that longs to live, And release these hands for so long bound”

And the mountain then moved without a sound.

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