Sons and Daughters

This morning I stumbled out of the wardrobe and squinted a
few times so my eyes could adjust to the light of the lamppost. Where I walk in downtown Cleveland, there is a part of the path that, every morning, becomes Narnia to me. After a quarter of a mile huffing carbon monoxide, pounding concrete, and watching sludge make its way through the creek, Narnia appears. The path leads through a forest of trees in town. There are chipped black lampposts with faint and golden light, trees that frame the sidewalk and connect
overhead, and nothing of the road can be heard. I am almost giddy when I turn the corner and see its invitation to enter.

With a deep breath, I smiled and slowed my pace this morning
as usual, when a man came toward me, wide-eyed and panting. I saw him for the first time yesterday, but not in Narnia. He is about 58 years old. His hair is peppered and suggests his seasoned years. He walks with two gait braces, one on each leg, and he holds two extended, heavy duty canes. When he passed me, Narnia brightened and he said, “Good morning. Isn’t it a great day?” I then felt
the greatness of the day that I hadn’t noticed yet. As he passed I thought, this man knows he is a son of the Great King.

The next person to pass stared at the ground, each step
targeted with a grunt. She carried weights and pumped them with each step. I turned my head to the side and tried to catch her glance. When she looked at me her eyes stopped at mine, she nodded and moved on out of the mystical land through which she had just passed. Don’t think she knows she’s a daughter of the Great King this morning.

I’ve always known that the greatness our King blesses us with applies to all creation. He made you beautiful and in His own image. His
grace is sufficient for you and His mercy will wake you in the morning. But this new day, as I passed into Narnia and met its varied travelers, I wondered, what does that man see when he passes me?
What did that woman see when she passed me?
I saw their heritage as sons and daughters of our God. In the smile of that one son, I had a passing thought; I too am a daughter of the Great King. Then I walked taller, breathed deeper, and my shoulders felt lighter. Nothing I’ve done warrants this status, just grace extended and my adoption sealed. Now I want to pass it on. You, my friend, are a son or daughter of the Great King. Stand tall and breathe it in.

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