Where Were You When I …(part 2)

Oh, I remember the day as if it were yesterday.  You are right; it was perfect.  We breathed the warm air and drank in the aroma of rose and petunia.  Your hand was so tender and receptive when I touched
it. Our fingers intertwined as if they were created to be together.     We were you know.  Made to be together, I mean.  You and I.

Let me ask the same question you are asking.  Where were you when
I swirled another galaxy to its exact location and no farther?   When not one atom was lost when I spoke them into existence?  When I patted the first calf on the flank and laughed as it danced across the grass I had just painted green?    When I swooned at the conception of what was, and is, and always will be a beautiful you? If you understood all that I am, the understanding would destroy your heart, not make it whole.

I know you believe deep inside that I left you when evil came. That is what I felt when the prison guards took me inside their interrogation chamber.  The ways they invented to humiliate me, I can’t even speak. Later, when my nakedness froze in the memory of all who watched and mutilated flesh hung like ribbons off my abdomen and thighs, I also questioned the Father.

“Where are You?”  Yes, I understand that dilemma and think of it every time I reach out for a cup or a book, when I grasp your hand
now and feel the rough, scarred touch of both our hands. I remember the smells and angry weapons: hands, jeers, sweat. Oh, how I remember. But now, let’s renew what was taken.

Let’s walk again and begin to talk and intertwine our souls again. I never left, you know, because we were made to be together, you and I. When evil came, and as it approaches again, I will come for you, just as I came every time before.  Wait for me, and recognize my hands, my words, my artwork, and my victory.

Yes, always together you and I.

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