3G or 1G?

“Taste and see that the Lord is good…”  Psalm 34:8

 I lost my car in the parking lot of Wal-Mart for the first time today.  You have to understand, I am always in control.  At least I like to think so.    As I wandered about vacant cars talking on my cell phone, and looking extremely efficient and destined for a specific spot, I started thinking.  How could I lose my own car?

The week that preceded this momentous loss was already a loss.  As I trudged through the week, I caught myself praying.  Then I said without thinking, “God, can you even hear me now?”  I laughed.  Everyone does it.  The cell phone rings.  The static begins, so we say what comes natural, “Can you hear me now?” 

Where in the world was my 3G network as I wandered in the parking lot?  For that matter, where was my 1G network?  How could God just sit up there and say nothing?  Surely He knows where the car is.  That’s when I turned around and saw it sitting right there in front of me.  The 3G network failed me, but the 1G network didn’t.  The one, true God is all we need.  And He loves to cover us with beautiful glimpses of love.

That same week I had gone to work and found a brilliant red cardinal sitting by the door.  I sat down just inches from him and we “talked” for about ten actual, unexaggerated minutes.  Then he flew away.  God should have just taken me then.  I felt as if He had covered me in the cleft of His hand and passed by for me to soak in His presence.

The sunset one night looked as if it were a portal through the clouds.  I could see God in the distance and feel His nearness warm me from the inside out.  Another occasion brought what seemed to be the end of a rainbow.  The multi-colored bow of promise began on the road in front of me and arched into eternity.  Little gifts from God popped up throughout the challenging week. 

When I saw my car, I laughed and said, “Can you hear me now, God?”

My 1God network smiled and said, “I’ve got you covered.”

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