Small Talk

So my daughter suggests that small talk is defined by words that are small, like “we, I, are, is and the.”  If only it were that simple.  I read that people go farther in life and business if they know how to successfully engage small talk.  People who have multiple academic credentials and learning will not enjoy as much success.

My life path is guided by the two small words, “analyze it.”  As soon as they roll off the tongue you know you have not even understood the world of small talk.  For instance, associates of mine know not to expect small talk concerning literature or the arts.  Any discussion about favorite books or movies creates in me a dizzy energy to analyze, and the conversation turns to philosophy and spirituality and must be assisted by a pot of coffee. 

The weather turned cold recently, so our family snuggled up on the bed and together decided to watch Forrest Gump.  When the movie ended someone suggested that it was kind of dumb to have that feather float away with the wind.  They all went to bed.  Twenty minutes later I woke my husband from a gentle sleep to suggest that the feather represented destiny and was the symbol of Gump’s conversation with his “late” wife Jenny.  The feather began the movie and ended it to show a life come full circle.

To assist my understanding of small talk so as to experience some sort of success in life, I have decided to memorize four phrases to jump-start my repertoire of small talk starters.  “How’s the weather?” “Que pasa?” “Do you come here often?” “Do you prefer chicken or beef enchiladas?”

After half an hour of wracking my brain that’s all that squeezes out.  My daughter now thinks I should stick to analyzing and forget the road to success!

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